Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Sadly, I'm going to be at work tonight, so I'll miss the NBA Draft, which is by far the most entertaining draft. This was especially true when it was on TNT with Charles Barkley and Hubie Brown, but even on ESPN we get to see Jay Bilas and Stephen A. Smith contradict each other with every statement they make. It's so much better than the NFL Draft, where everyone just kind of defers to Mel Kiper and Chris Mortensen. The NBA commentators really rip into each other, and the picks as well. The worst Kiper says about anyone is that he's a "reach," whereas Stephen A. Smith will likely accuse a pick he doesn't like of being utterly incompetent and unworthy of the Jerry West silhouette badge.

At any rate, I am hoping against hope that the Knicks take Channing Frye, who is a much more complete player than Andrew Bogut. I have my doubts that Bogut can defend and rebound in the NBA.

I don't know enough about any of the players to really make a comment, but I will say that it looks like a very deep draft, in that there are many players who will make an impact sooner rather than "project" players. I think it will make the 05-06 season quite compelling.

LIVE UPDATE: The Knicks are on the clock! Channing Frye is available? Will Isiah screw up yet again????


LIVE UPDATE: Ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Bynum, first round pick of the Los Angeles Lakers!

LIVE UPDATE: Just heard a rumor that the Knicks are going to trade Frye and Kurt Thomas to Phoenix for Quentin Richardson (NOOOOOOO) and whomever Phoenix picks at 21....and they pick Nate Robinson. Don't make this trade!

LIVE UPDATE: Rumor revised! Knicks will keep Frye, and I guess be trading the 30th pick to Phoenix, along with Kurt Thomas, for Richardson and Nate Robinson? That makes a little more sense. If that's how it pans out, the Knicks just got ridiculously more athletic. Robinson is like Earl Boykins times two.

FINAL UPDATE: As a Knicks fan, I'm happy, not least because Isiah actually seems to be putting a plan into motion. What finally happened was that the Suns picked Robinson for New York, and New York picked a guard from UCLA in the 2nd round for Phoenix, which completes the Q Richardson for Kurt Thomas deal. The 4 players that are coming in--Richardson, Frye, Robinson, and 30th pick David Lee are all athletic and fit in with a Knick team that is now built to run. I didn't know much about Lee, but apparently he was rated as the most athletic power forward in the draft. I'm hoping that will translate to good defense and rebounding. I'm still not sure what the Knicks will do with Tim Thomas or Jamal Crawford. I expect them to start Marbury at the 1, Crawford at 2, Richardson at 3, Sweetney at 4, and Frye at 5. Then they'd have a rotation of Robinson, Tim Thomas, Malik Rose, and Trevor Ariza. It will be interesting to see how this roster works. At the very least, the Knicks should be playing some exciting basketball again, something I have sorely missed.


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