Friday, June 24, 2005

Various and sundry

Not worth putting up an image for this post, primarily because I wasn't able to see Game 7. I guess that shows you the general level of interest I have for the NBA. That the NCAA final game outscored this Game 7 (per minute, anyway) is one indicator of why folks have been tuning out. It's also just boring as hell seeing the same teams contend year in and year out, though I have to admit that Detroit is an immensely likeable team. I would have loved to see a team like the Suns or the Nuggets in the Finals. The East, thankfully, has been more of a crapshoot, but I don't think anyone will be interested until LeBron James makes the playoffs. So yeah, missed Game 7. I'd feel lamer if I didn't skip it to see Hitchcock's Vertigo on the big screen.

Tomorrow I am heading up to Milwaukee to see Johan Santana take on the Brewers. Ok, so maybe Santana isn't quite worthy of the George Mikan treatment just yet, but with the way the Twins have been hitting lately, it's not too far off. Santana is having a much better 1st half of this season than he did last year, so the question heading into the All-Star break is whether he will be 2nd half of 2004 Santana or "merely" a continuation of 2005 Santana, who still happens to be the 4th most valuable pitcher in the American League. In fact, based on his strikeout and walk rates, 2005 Santana is pitching just as well as he did in the latter half of 2004. His strikeout rates between years are virtually identical, and his walk rates are lower. The difference is that he's allowing slightly more hits and home runs. Some of this could be the result of luck, and the decline in quality of the Twins' infield defense. In any case, I'm looking forward to a great show.


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