Friday, October 07, 2005

Day 3, abbreviated

Well, I had a nice long entry ready to go, and then my Firefox crashed. Go figure. Fortunately, not much of note happened today. Some quick summing up.

-That's Mike in the hockey post down below. He asked if he could post hockey-related entries, and I said "hell yeah" or something like that. Check him out hya. By the by, if anyone else wants to post stuff on here, just let me know.

-The NLDS's are boring, and that makes me sad.

-The Padres really stink; the Cards won without even trying. Mark Mulder didn't pitch great, and heavily benefitted from his D turning double plays. This is why defense is important.

-The Smoltz/Clemens duel fizzled. This was Roger's fault.

-Smoltz was a step ahead of the Houston batters all night. He pitched ahead in the count, and while he wasn't dominant, there was no chance Houston was going to hit him hard.

-Clemens was the exact opposite. He couldn't throw a first-pitch strike to save his life, meaning he had to groove fastballs, which consequently got smoked. Clemens isn't doing anything to reform the perception that he's an average playoff pitcher at best. But who can blame the guy at this point? He's friggin 43 years old.

-Jeff "The Natural" Francoeur walked! And he took the count to 3-2 twice! That's how wild Clemens was!

-Looking to tomorrow...once again, work screws me out of seeing the Sox/Sox game. Ominous sign for Boston--Aaron Rowand is 10 for 14 with 4 homers off Wakefield in his career. On the other hand, Boston's at home, and Fenway will be full-throated. If the White Sox win this, I will be seriously impressed with them.

-If the Yankees lose tomorrow, no way they can win the series. Randy Johnson v. Paul Byrd in the Bronx? If they lose tomorrow, they don't deserve to win the series. But hey, their defense and bullpen are so bad it just might happen.

Sorry for the disjointed nature of this entry. Will be back after tomorrow's games with real prose all up in your hibachi.


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