Thursday, November 17, 2005

Great day for Bay

Today, the Pirates announced that they have signed Jason Bay to a 4-year $18.25m contract. This is a terrific deal for Pittsburgh, and could be the signal that their management is finally figuring out how to win. Bay was neck in neck with Miguel Cabrera for being the best left fielder in the NL last year, and entering his age 27 season, will only get better. The Pirates should get maximum value out of the contract, and more. Bay probably should be getting paid upwards of $10m per year, but won't be able to see that kind of cash until he hits free agency. The contract will also eliminate the need for arbitration, which is good for all parties. The Reds should have given Adam Dunn a similar contract two years ago, but now they will be stuck paying him $9m a year after arbitration. Yeah, that's about what Dunn is worth, but the Reds could have had him for so much less. Kudos to the Pirates for getting something right for a change.


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