Saturday, January 14, 2006

NFL Divisional picks, this time with more wrong!

I'm not going to embarrass myself this time around. No sir. Keep it brief, no statistical reasoning whatsoever. Just go with the gut. That's right, go with the gut!

Washington at Seattle
Washington looked terrible last week, and they were lucky they weren't playing against a team with a better offense. This is why the home team wins divisional games 80% of the time or whatever. I'll take the chalk here, especially when it's the loudest crowd in the NFL. Washington might score 17 again, but Seattle will double that total with their well-balanced attack.
Seattle wins 34-17

New England at Denver
Here's the one where everyone's picking the Pats, because you "can't pick against them until they lose". That reasoning is absurd, but I am sadly going to have to go along with it. New England's secondary has improved a great deal, and I don't think Mike Anderson is the answer. Neither, for that matter, is Jake Plummer. This could be the best-played game of the bunch, and it could come down to the last quarter. You know what that means. Time for Adam "Living Statue" Vinatieri to shine.
New England wins 27-24

Carolina at Chicago
What's changed from 2 months ago? Grossman in for Orton for the Bears and Foster in for Davis for the Panthers. I'd call that an even trade. Foster is an overrated running back anyway because he usually busts one long run a game to up his yardage totals. Usually, he's only good for 3 per carry. Against the Bears, a team that can actually tackle, it'll be even worse. Last game, the Bears let Steve Smith get 140 yards and still held Carolina to 3 points. I think it will be more of the same this time. I expect the Bears D to provide the Bears offense with at least 10 points on a platter, with Grossman being responsible for another 10. Sounds about right.
Chicago wins 20-10

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
The Colts are still the best team in football. Sorry. And the Steelers still let Jon Kitna put up 17 points on them. You can pretty much double that with Peyton Manning at the helm. This is one of those matchups where the Colts are superior at nearly every position, and they're at home. I'm not in the mood to go against something like that. So yes, next weekend will be the most anticipated NFL game of the past 10 years or so.
Indianapolis wins 34-13


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